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Pad printing

Pad printing is majorly used to convert a 2-D image into a 3-D object. This process is employed tfor printing on surfaces like apparels and electronic objects,toys and appliances. Owing to its versatility of applications pad printing is widely used in industries like medical, automotive etc.

Automotive applications

In today's car market, virtually all new vehicles contain parts and components that have been Pad printed. Some good examples include, speedometer dials, tail-light lenses, fuel and hood release levers, fuse blocks, radio dials, climate control switches and dipsticks.

Electronics applications

A rapidly expanding market for the Pad printing process, is the electronics industry. Semi-conductors, resistors, surface mount devices, mobile phone displays and many other electronic components, are Pad printed with code designations and other information. Alpha-numeric designs on keyboards and legends on component housings are also common applications in this industry.

CD applications

The phenomenal growth in the music industry has seen many Compact Disc manufacturers move over to the Pad printing process. Manufactures, who often can't do their decorating in-house, choose the Pad printing process due to improved image resolution, the sophistication of tooling, and the repeatability of the machinery.

Medical Applications

In the medical industry, Pad printing is being used on IV tubes, syringes and many other plastic medical goods. Consumer healthcare products are increasingly being Pad printed, particularly infant care items.

Printing application examples

  • Medical devices (surgical instruments, etc.)
  • Implantable & in body medical items (catheter tubes, contact lenses, etc.)
  • Golf ball logos/graphics
  • Hockey Pucks
  • Decorative designs/graphics appearing on Hot Wheels or Matchbox toy cars
  • Automotive parts (turn signal indicators, panel controls, etc.)
  • Letters on computer keyboards and calculator keys
  • TV and computer monitors
  • Identification labels and serial numbers for many applications
  • Image plates are used to contain the desired artwork "image" etched in its surface

Customer Details

  • Cosmetics Plastic- Year 1986-1995(Placed in Chennai)
  • Eagle Flask- Year 1987-1995(Placed in Chennai)
  • Auctus Farest- Year 1999-2004(Placed in Chennai)
  • Switch International, Electro Max, Butterfly - Year 1993-2011 (Placed in Chennai)
  • Venture Lighting – Year 2005-2010 (Placed in Chennai)
  • Lighting Sysytems- Year 2006-2011(Placed in Cochin)
  • Daesung Electric India Pvt Ltd in Tiruvallur
  • SRM Technology Pvt Ltd in Chennai ( Suppliers)
  • Saber Pens Office & School Products in Chennai